Filson Mire


Ohio State University 2 ½ Years ( Nursing)
2008 – 2012 – Ohio Development Disability USA

Hire Mire


Bsc – Computers 4 years (UK)

Bille Bashir


Banadir Sare High School (12th Grade)

ADA has strategic plan (2012-2014) sets out on the key strategic objectives through which ADA's mission is to be achieved. In programming terms, these lead to the application of the following key programming principles in all of ADA’s work.

A participatory role in projects implementation, developing strategic collaborative relationships and building partnerships with local communities, Local NGOs, government, local authority and private sector in order to maximize impact and ensure sustainability of its programs.

A commitment to building the capacity of ADA and that of its partners, including local communities, local NGO’s and local authorities to represent better interest of the mentally and physically disabled persons through the use of participatory approaches and the establishment of accountable and respective management practices.

The use of Group Building approaches which seek to empower mentally and physically disabled persons to claim and exercise their rights and responsibilities and which address the structural and societal causes of poverty and marginalization.

To have a proper approach to sanitation through healthy water access, food hygiene and supply, basic health care facilities for the mentally and physically disabled persons through participation of the communities targeted.

ADA recognizes that many of the deep rooted problems of inequality access to current available resources and opportunities, marginalization of vulnerable groups, lack or limited skills and poor governance which ultimately lead to poverty still exist and remain a real threat to the achievement of economic growth and recovery and its major concern is particularly focused on the mentally and physically disabled persons.

In designing and implementing its programs ADA uses Group building Approach (GBA):

Focus on addressing structural and societal causes of poverty and marginalization

Empower local communities to respect, protect, promote and fulfil their rights

Advocate for the conditions in which the mentally and physically disabled persons can reach their rights.

Change attitudes and eliminate practices that undermine human dignity both within ADA and in the communities.

Focus on girl child education, health and security.