Organisation structure

ADA has a Board of Directors consisting of seven (7) members. The Board of Directors is the highest governing body of the organization and their responsibilities include: overall policy and direction setting, financial integrity and legal obligations of the organization.

The Board of Directors are also responsible for strategic planning and manage resulting activities, oversees the proper implementation thereof and responsible for providing policy level guidance. The day-to-day activities are done by a highly qualified staff under the guidance and supervision of Board of Directors.

The Board of directors consists of five persons. The board meets twice a year to discuss issues related to performance of organization and programs activities and sets strategic direction in consultation with the executive organ or management team.

The board of directors appoints the Executive Director and the Executive Director is responsible for proper formulation and execution of set policies, decisions and directives of the Board of directors.
The executive organ is the management team and they are Executive Director, Program Coordinator and admin and finance officer.


The role of executive director

Overall responsibilities of the organizational activities.

Link Bridge between the project staff and BOD.

Also reports to the Board of directors and regularly briefs the project matters to the BOD.

The role of program coordinator

Coordination and management of programmatic, technical as well as administrative operations of the programs run by ADA.

Supervision, control and monitoring of the programs activities and performance of program staff.

The target persons are characterized by severe level of poverty, neglected communities, insufficient social services and low level community capacity to cope with increasing national crisis.