Our Objectives

To support communities in the establishment of sustainable social services through support of education, enhancing awareness on Human Rights, Peace Building, conflict prevention management and transformation, and promotion of public Peace awareness programs.
To assist the mentally and physically challenged in skill acquisition and self reliance program and fight against poverty. This will be achieved through appropriate marketable training in hand skills e.g. tailoring, weaving, hand craft etc.
To campaign and raise public awareness against HIV/AIDS and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) among the mentally and physically challenged.
To undertake research on peace building, conflict resolution and reconciliation thereby seeking lasting solution for peace, unity and development among the communities.
To lobby and advocate for Peace, Human rights and rule of law.
To eradicate malnutrition among the society through proper feeding programmes and sanitation.

Core Values

We adhere to respect the values and cultures of all our stakeholders whose participation in our decision making process is of high importance
We behave in compliance with our mission, being honest and transparent in our activities.
Voluntary service:
We participate in our activities with a commitment not prompted in any manner by desire for gain.
Transparency & Accountability:
We always remain accountable to our stakeholders by giving appropriate and timely feedback and transparency in our activities.
We collectively serve the community by being effective and efficient in our activities.
ADA encourages the intellectual Diaspora community to participate in alleviating the current situation of the mentally and physically challenged to a much better one by actively engaging in creation of opportunities for them.