The African Disabilities Association (ADA) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) non– profit making and developmental organization registered under the NGO’s boards Acts of the government of Kenya and as well in the United States of America, Ohio State. ADA was established by the initiative of highly committed intellectuals and civil advocates to implement different programs that are focused on the mentally and physically disabled persons in AFRICA with an initiative to promote Human Rights, Develop health institutions and tackle humanitarian crisis.

Its establishment comes at a time when the mentally and physically disabled in Africa need attention from the society. It was established to promote the welfare of the mentally and physically disabled persons who cannot afford specialised apparatus to enable them perform normal human activities. The organization has also embarked on different humanitarian projects, health, sanitation, environmental, and human rights. The organization has been in operation since and has been able to meet the targeted groups.


ADA strives to create a society based on human development and peaceful environment in which all men and women; especially children living in poverty and are mentally and physically challenged may exercise their rights equally and utilize their resources for sustainable human development.


ADA envisions to; have a platform of disabled person’s gains. To protect and aid the mentally and physically challenged persons to achieve their basic needs through skills and education.